Welcome To Studio A

Studio A, a subsidiary of Karousel Kids, Inc.is a California non-profit
corporation established in 1977 to provide opportunities
for young people to participate in the excitement and fun of creating
and performing musical theater productions. Over the last 37 years
Karousel Kids, Inc. has produced close to 100 shows. In most shows
the cast exceeded more than 100 young people, ages 3-26. The
organization is among the largest and oldest young peoples’ performing
arts groups in North America. No other group is known to provide
the unique national and international experiences that Studio A
provides to participants.

The parent company, Karousel Kids, Inc., was founded by Alisa Allen
Currier as an extension of Ms. Currier’s teaching curriculum in a Southern
California School District. Given an area large enough to stage a show and
an adapted script plus a group of students from the school, Ms. Currier
produced a show that allowed 38 students to discover the wonder and magic
of theater production.

Restrained by a budget of less than $100, but with an imagination the
size of Alaska, Ms. Currier began a 37- year journey that has introduced
thousands of Southern California kids to an entertainment and character
building adventure.

The organization believes in highly personalized care, individual
attention, and one-on-one instruction in order to encourage all
members of Karousel Kids to increase their skills, to expand their knowledge,
and to grow as individuals as they reach for their fullest potential.


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