KAROUSEL KIDS, INC., a California non-profit corporation, was established in 1977 to provide opportunities for young people to participate in the excitement and fun of creating and performing in musical theatre productions. We have produced over 90 shows with casts of up to 150 young people, ages 3 – 23. Karousel Kids is one of the largest and oldest established young peoples’ performing arts groups in the United States.

We strive to develop and “teach-from-scratch,” the skills of singing, carrying a tune, pronunciation, projection, style, dancing (including many different choreographed styles and dances), posture, stage movement, concentration, acting, creating a character, memorization, diction, increasing vocabulary, and stage presence.

We believe in highly personalized care, individual attention, and one-on-one instruction in order to encourage each and every KAROUSEL KID to increase their skills, to expand their knowledge, and grow as individuals as they reach for their fullest potential. We try to instill in each young performer the highest professional standards in discipline, taking responsibility, and in attitude, toward their work and toward each other, so that each KAROUSEL KID acquires new self-respect and self-confidence. The adult staff of KAROUSEL KIDS consists of trained volunteers, members of the community who donate their time, talents and energy, as well as seasoned professionals. Staff members share the belief that our most important goals are: a) Young people should have an opportunity to discover that working together can be fun. b) Young people should have an opportunity to experience the pride and joy that comes from a job well done, while at the same time providing entertainment for the community at large. c) Young people should have a wonderful time performing! We believe theatre, dance, music and all areas of technical theatre are educational and enjoyable. We are dedicated to providing an opportunity for each and every KAROUSEL KID to learn, grow, and have fun.



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